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I'm a graduate student, an animal science researcher, a certified personal trainer, a book nerd, a social media marketer and a zettelkasten fan.

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My childhood memories are predominantly those on the family ranch. Recollections of trotting my horse through pastures gathering cattle, packing silage pits with my father, and showing cattle in our local pee wee show. Being raised in rural Baker City, Oregon gave me a unique opportunity to witness various segments of the agriculture industry. These experiences shaped my interest in cattle, specifically ruminant nutrition. When I was younger, I vividly remember interrogating what feed ingredients were delivered that day. I spent the mornings “analyzing” the distiller’s grains and silage, watching our employees mixing the rations, and being extremely interested in why these ingredients were chosen.

It was this innate curiosity around research and best practices of the cattle industry that drove me to attend Kansas State University for a bachelor’s in Animal Sciences. While I enjoyed learning in the classroom, I craved hands-on experience. Through the four years that I spent at KSU, I completed internships at both a vertically integrated Wagyu beef producer and a genetic supplier in the United Kingdom. These internships launched me into the career development program of a leading, international animal nutrition company. After completing my degree and internships, I worked for Alltech in the Midwest, supporting customers and assisting in feedlot research projects. These projects reignited a passion in me to better understand animal nutrition, health, and genetics and to have a lasting impact on the way our industry operates.

After a year into my role with Alltech, I was given the unique opportunity to be sponsored as a master’s student at Colorado State University. My thesis was based on mineral source and its effect on the fertility of cows, which consisted of evaluating mineral, pregnancy, and hormone statuses. This enriching research was a stepping stone to my eventual offer to become a doctoral candidate at CSU. I am thankful for the chance to conduct more research and continue to develop my understanding of animal nutrition.

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