Hi, my name is Ty Thomas, welcome to my site👋

I love learning 🧠

The best part of learning is sharing what you learn with others! This is why this blog exists - to help me share new and exciting ideas that are inspired by interesting conversations, books, articles, podcasts, classes, etc.

My passion is to take disconnected and fleeting ideas and to capture them, assimilate them, and use them to build on existing concepts or to create new ones. This blog is my effort to compile the most valuable information, make it easy to consume, and offer it to those of you with a shared interest in these diverse topics!

This blog encompasses topics that I find interesting, valuable, and/or necessary to living the best life possible. What I consider the best life possible is simply one that focuses on finding happiness, iterative improvement, and being a good person above all else.

Enjoying the journey 🗺️


My fiancée (now wife) and I were engaged to be married in the spring of 2020 when a wild and unexpected pandemic changed things, for a lot of people, us being two of them.

The thing though, is that you can't let the curveballs of life knock you down, you need to pivot to make for an even better outcome than maybe you originally had planned.

This picture is of my wife and I as we were leaving our elopement, with a last minute (spectacular) photographer we DM'd on Instagram and our officiant who just happened to be in town that evening.

We made what could have been a frustrating and disheartening moment into something truly memorable and beautiful. These moments are what make the journey so much better than the destination.

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